Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fun With The Tooth Fairy

We try to put as much humor and "magic" into the Unknown Children's lives as possible. One of the recurring jokes in our house is how the Tooth Fairy leaves very unusual notes whenever they have a tooth fall out. In fact, I recently set up a Gmail account for the Tooth fairy so that Unknown Daughter could write her an email (both Unknown Daughter and Unknown Son have email accounts, but only Unknown Wife and I have the passwords, so we can control access). So, UD sent the following email last night. BTW: In case you're wondering about the "Momma" reference, Unknown Daughter has recently gotten into the habit of calling the Unknown Wife "Momma", which irritates her to no end. So I thought I'd lend a hand:
Dear Tooth Fairy:
I have a loose tooth - I can feel it wiggling. Do you think it'll fall out soon?

The Unknown Daughter
She got an email back this morning:
Dear Unknown Daughter:

Your tooth will probably fall out sometime soon - in the next week or two (or three). You don't need to keep wiggling it - once it gets a bit looser your mommy (remember - she doesn't like to be called Momma) or daddy can get it out for you.

In case you're wondering how I know about you calling your mother "Momma", I heard it through my Spy Teeth Listeners. Most people don''t know this, but I can listen in to what's happening around anyone through their teeth.

Of course, if no one in a house has any teeth, it doesn't work. And false teeth don't count.

The Tooth Fairy
We occasionally hear the Unknown Kids sharing these things with their friends - classic.

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