Thursday, July 19, 2007

Still On The Road

So far we're 7 days into a 12 day road trip, and it's been pretty good:
  • We've been to the Unknown Wife's family reunion in West Virginia (Unknown Son and Unknown Daughter both lost front teeth this week, so we told U.W's relatives it was so they'd fit in better in WV).
  • Following the reunion, we drove an additional 600 miles or so further south to visit friends we haven't seen in 4 years. While there, Unknown Wife visited quite a few old friends during the day. Since most of my friends from that time are either academics or work during the day, I spent the days at my alma mater. They were nice enough to give me an empty office to hang out in (thanks, guys), and I got a lot done -- finished edits on one paper (it's now back to my coauthors) and sent another paper out to a journal (it got rejected a month ago, and it just needed a few minor changes). I also saw a number of folks I hadn't seen in person for four years.
  • Last night, we visited some friends and while the adults hung out, our friends' kids treated ours to a viewing of The Princess Bride. Unknown Son is now quoting Inigo Montoya, and Unknown Daughter keeps mentioning the Rodents of Unusual Size.
  • We're now 600 miles back up the East Coast. Tomorrow we drive a few more hours to stay with an old neighbor (Unknown Wife's best friend from that time) and to visit friends from our old church. We'll stay there until Sunday afternoon when we head back home.
I may actually post some stuff tomorrow, but we'll see.

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