Monday, July 2, 2007

Monday Link Dump

It's time to clean out my bloglines account, so here we go with today's Link Dump:
Abnormal Returns has a nice collection of links on options as an asset class, and in a related piece, CXO Advisory Group looks at the returns to writing index put options.

Bloomberg reports on the increasing use of options as a venue for illegal insider trades.

The Contrarian Perspective dissects one of the oldest scams around-- the "Pump and Dump".

The New York Times reports on people with an interesting habit-- abusing the Nigerian 411 Scamsters.

And in our painful Japanese video of the day, Craig Newmark links to a game show I think I'll pass on. Ouch.
That's all for today, folks. Time to do something productive before my coauthors start hounding me.

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