Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Uggy Duckling And Kids Talking Smack

A while back the Unknown Wife came back from volunteering in our Daughter's kindergarten class. They were working on their letter sounds, and they try to come up with animals that represent various sounds. the sound of the day was "U", so they had the "Uggy" Duckling.

The teacher said that the story was based on the Ugly Duckling, but that "she didn't like the idea of calling someone 'Ugly' " (after all, we should NEVER call something ugly), so she changed it to "Uggy".

U.W. knew I'd get a kick out of it -- she smiled and said "That's why it's probably better that you don't volunteer, dear."

But living with me for the last 16 years or so has had an effect. When we first got married, she wouldn't have even noticed the PC-ness of the idea. Now she makes fun of it. We try not to make too big a deal of PC nonsense with our kids, but Unknown Daughter caught it right away. She said, "Doesn't Miss Cindy know it's supposed to be the UGLY Duckling?".

And on another note, the Unknown Son seems to have learned the fine art of talking smack (or at least how to respond to it). I've told my kids that the best way to get under someone's skin when they rag on you is to smile, laugh at them a bit, and keep their cool. One of his friends called him an idiot at the bus stop this morning (Unknown Wife was in earshot). U.S. just laughed at him and said, "Man, you must have hit your head and rattled your brains if you think I'm and idiot. Or Maybe you need more sleep." Hey - it's not Bugs Bunny Level, but he's got the attitude, and for a second grader, that's what's important. We can work on specifics for his smack talking later.

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