Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thursday Link Dump

The last couple of posts have been humorous (or at least, in some cases, tasteless), so I guess it's time for a link dump.
Private Equity & Hedge Funds
First off, there are a troika of pieces on PE-bond relationships: Accrued Interest breaks down the implications of takeovers for bondholders, Floyd Norris at NY Times discusses how debt is used to fund payouts in PE deals, and Marketwatch relates the woes of bondholders in LBOs.

Via FT Alphaville: activist hedge funds are using the Web to convince shareholders to their way of thinking.

According to this Financial Times piece, Hedge Funds are taking positions in bankrupt firms.

Curious about who the big dogs are in the PE worked? LBO wire reports.

Felix Salmon discusses "Debt arbitrage". He's been writing some great pieces lately - time to update my links.

Mark Hurlbert at presents the latest insider buy/sell ratios - they're still mildly bullish.

New York Magazine has a (fairly typical) piece on how top executives are making TOOOO MUUUCCCHHH MONEY (both coming and going).

MarketBeat reports on "accelerated share repurchases.

Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture presents a bit of a history lesson and examines Historical Bear Market Contractions

CXO Advisory Group reports on some interesting pieces. One describes historical patterns of the value premium (the additional return earned by high book/market firms over their low book/market peers), and another examines factor models and finds that "A model combining market return, liquidity and coskewness ... explains individual stock returns in 35 out of 40 years.

Joe Carter has his latest installment of the Yak Shaving Razor series up at Evangelical Outpost.

Craig Newmark links to a corporate finance version of the old "you have two cows" joke.
Enough blogging - I've cleared out my bloglines account, and it's time to get back to something productive.

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