Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Link Dump

Since I took yesterday off to see a matinee, today is a research day, with lots of statistical and computing goodness in store (mmmmm, data).

So, here are some links to keep you busy while I torture data:
With the election cycle starting to heat up a bit, I'll probably be logging more often about prediction markets. has a short guide to them if you're interested.

According to a UBS Investment Bank study, acquisitions of high market/book targets perform better.

Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost has posted the latest installment of his Yak Shaving Razor Series.

For you movie buffs, Craig Newmark has a transcript of Danny Devito's classic speech as Larry The Liquidator in Other people's Money.

Dan Melson at Searchlight Crusade has written an excellent guide to shopping of a mortgage. Read it - the advice on his blog has saved me thousands of dollars. Hey - I may be a finance professor, but he lives with this stuff every day.
Enough bloggery. Back to work.

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