Thursday, February 1, 2007

Still Miserable

I'm still hacking away with the coughing. Luckily today's not a teaching day. But there's some prep work I have to get done for tomorrow's classes, and I have a head that feels like it's full of pudding (mmmmm - pudding...)

But at least tomorrow's classes will be done by noon and I can go back to sleep. I'm such a wuss when I get sick. Time to man up and get to work (so I can go home and pass out). In the meanwhile, here are a couple of links:
Eleanor Laise at the WSJ reports on the proliferation different index fund choices.

Mike Munger lists some poorly conceived website names. It's a must read - what were some of these folks thinking?
That's all I got. It's not much, but then I don't charge for the privelege, so I guess that's all right. Enjoy.

I'll reward myself for finishing my work with a bowl of miso soup. It's prepackaged, but at least it's warm.

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