Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Tuesday Link Dump

It's the first "working" day of the New Year, so a Happy New Year to all my readers. Whether you come here regularly or just happened by, I'm glad you're here.

As for the Unknown Household, we pretty much hung around the house for the New Year - we did a lot of family visiting for Christmas, so we decided to stay local for this one. On New Year's day, we got up late and lazed around most of the day - the kids played with Christmas toys, the Unknown Wife read books, and I spent several hours watching the Ultimate Fighting Marathon on Spike TV. Unknown wife can't stand it, but I took taekwondo in high school, played Judo for a couple of years in college, and grew up watching boxing on the Wide World of Sports.

But now, it's back to work. The first order of the day is to clean out all the junk that's been building up in my feed reader. So, here's the first Link Dump of the New Year:
Mark Hulbert of the NY Times highlights an approach to valuing IPOs developed by Andrew Metrick, an extremely smart finance professor at Wharton.

Adam Warner of the Daily Options Report finishes up his series on "option greeks" with a primer on "theta"

Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture interprets recent data on insider selling.

Now THIS appeals to my inner geek: Avis is provide an option for renters of their cars to make them a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for $10.95 per day.

And last but not least, this week's Carnival of The Capitalists is up and running at Free Money Finance.
And that's all for now folks. Time for some research.

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