Friday, December 29, 2006

The Year In Review

I know the year's not yet done, but I was thinking of all the changes for the Unknown Household in the past year:
  • A move back to our "homeland" in the Northeast USA, which puts us within 80 miles or so of both parents and all myriad nephews, nieces, etc...
  • A new school for me. This part is particularly good, since whenI first went on the job market in my final year of grad school, I identified 3 schools I would love to be at. This was one of them (it took 8 years to get here, but hey - some things take time).
  • I'm teaching two new classes in a different sub-field fo finance. It's a lot more work, but I'm learning new things.
  • I'm also teaching CFA prep classes, which helps to pay for our oversized mortgage (Northeast real estate prices are high).
  • The Unknown Son goes to a new new school which is much better than his old one (after all, it's a University town). Even better, the two little darlings that used to pick on him in his last school are no longer around.
  • The Unknown Daughter is now in kindergarten, and loves it. It's part of the same school as the Unknown Son's, so they get to ride the bus together.
  • We're now in a neighborhood that we simply love, with plenty of young families with kids and dogs (for the Unknown daughter to walk).
  • Of course, I have to work a lot harder here than in my last school, but I also have a 2 mile commute rather than the hour it used to take. So, it's a lot easier to pop home for a bite or to play with the kids for a bit before night classes.
That's it for me and mine. If I don't say so later on (after all. there's still 2 days left to the year), here's wishing all the best for all of you.

And thanks for stopping by.

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