Saturday, October 14, 2006

Weekend Link Dump

As always, it's busy at the Unknown Household. I went to what I call a "grip and grin" (an alumni get together) last night, since as an assistant professor it's good for me to be seen as being a team player. At least they had good munchies and free drinks.

Then today, both the Unknown Kids had pictures for their soccer teams in the morning, and Unknown Son had a game in the afternoon. Now it's back to grading for the rest of the day (I gave an exam last week), and working on my slides for class on Monday.

I teach the CFA prep class again this Wednesday (the last time for the fall semester), so I have to find time to squeeze preparation time in for that too. In any event, here are the links for the last couple of days.
The Wall Street Journal describes how some mutual funds are following a higher-risk investment strategy known as 130-30. For you finance faculty out there, this is a great article for classroom discussion.

Dealbook lists a few more casualties from options backdating. The list continues to grow on a weekly basis. It reminds me of the run of restatementa we had a few years back. Of course, a lot of the backdating cases will end up in restatements, so it looks like we're right back where we started.

Jim Mahar at is at the Financial Management Association annual meeting (actually, by now he's probably flying back), and describes why he likes academic conferences. I may have to do my own post on the topic, but he hits it pretty well.

Here's something to make you scratch your head: some ridiculous new Japanese inventions, courtesy of Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution.
Back to grading. Boy oh boy - where are the free drinks when you REALLY need them?

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