Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesday Link Dump

It's a teaching day, so I'll be short (actually, I'm short everyday, but this time I'll be brief, too). Here are the links du jour:
Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution has some good (if a bit harsh) advice on refereeing and being refereed.

FT.Com reports that a new index of Credit Default Swaps on high-yield leveraged loans is about to open.

And now for a chuckle: Indiana Jones just got back from his latest trip to find out he got denied for tenure.

Craig Newmark (who spends far too much time on this stuff) has a link to a Youtube piece where a professor relates some memorable student evaluations.

The former printing press employee who leaked info from the Business Week Inside Wall Street column just pleaded guilty to insider trading (from the NY Times).

Finally, I'm a bit late, but this week's Carnival of the Capitalists is being hosted at Blawg Review. My picks of the week are JLP on how to calculate tax-equivalent yields and Sox First on Stock option backdating and directors who sit on multiple boards.
And now, it's off to class.

And stop calling me Shirley.

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