Monday, October 9, 2006

Monday Link Dump

It's almost time for bed at the Unknown Household, so I thought I'd post a few links to give you some late night reading:
This week's Carnival of the Capitalists is up at Businesspundit. Recommended posts include David Foster's piece on interest rates and inflation, and FreeMoneyFinance, who gives us christianity and credit, where a store gives away books by anti-credit-card Dave Ramsey, in return for signing up for a... credit card.

Bad Analysis has a nice list of 10 reasons why people make stupid decisions. It talks about things like confirmation bias, failing to account for sunk costs, and so on.

DealBook points us to this piece that compares private equity flippers to "bored kids.”

Greg Mankiw’s gives tips on “how to write well.” It's ostensibly for economists, but it's worth reading for anyone in a technical subject who's writing for the general public.

And last (but never least), James Hamilton at Econbrowser provides some pointers on how prediction markets and give informaiton about election results.
Pleasant reading!

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