Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday's Link Dump

It's a brand new week, and the beat goes on. I just covered the better part of a chapter in one 50 minute investments class (it was mostly review of things they'd seen both in statistics and their intro finance class), so I'm a bit ahead of the game. Once I grade last week's quizzes for tonight's class, I'll be well ahead for the week. So that means it's time for today's links:
Matt Goldstein of reports that the air seems to have gone out of "blank check" IPOs.

John Spence of talks about the new Powershares Listed Private Equity Portfolio (AMEX: PSP). It's an ETF that tracks not Private equity investments, but public companies that invest in private equity deals. It's an interesting concept, but I think the execution has a whole lot of problems.

Dan Melson at Searchlight Crusade gives a pretty good overview of some of the issues surrounding contingent real estate sales.

Finally, one of Andy Samwick's colleagues seems to have stumbled across one of my students.
That's enough for now. I have papers to grade and data to torture.

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