Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday Link Dump

Like I mentioned before, a lot of my blogging for the time being might be of the "link dump" variety , where I merely put up links to interesting (to me) pieces I've come across. This way I can keep my bloglines account from overflowing, send you some food for thought, and not overload myself. So, without further ado, here's the latest dump:
The SEC just issued clarifications on how companies should account for options backdating. The New York Times reports on it here, with the usual good commentary by Jack Siesilski at The AAO Weblog here. And if you want a quick primer on the topic, I've written one here.

ProfessorBainbridge talks about a recent report indicating that there's high levels of insider trading.

Joe Carter has his latest in the Yak Shaving Razor up at Evangelical Outpost. I'm impressed by the range of stuff he finds.

Finally, there were a couple of good Wall Street Journal (online subscription required) articles lately that might be of interest to finance faculty. In one, they report on Ford Suspending Its Dividends - a good piece for all of you if you're currently discussing dividends, signaling, or restructuring in class.

Another WSJ piece discuss how regulators are looking at whether banks and brokerage houses are enforcing margin requirements for hedge fund clients.

Economist's View on publication bias
Enough bloggery for now -- back to preparing for class. Appropriately enough, we're discussing margin requirements today.

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