Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wednesday Link Dump

Not much to link to today, since I'm doing the Link Dump a bit early this time:
From Marketwatch.com: Michael Oxley of Sarbanes Oxley fame believes that changes will be forthcoming in SOX in the near future that will make it less burdensome for small companies. Personally, I'll take a "wait and see" approach, since my experience is that regulators seldom make regulations LESS burdensome.

From yesterday's Online Wall Street Journal, "Merger Trend Sweeping Big Exchanges Cascades Toward 'Interdealer Brokers'"

Abnormal Returns has a great analogy - it compares the evolution of the ease with which investors can get market returns (i.e. with index funds and ETFs) over time with the ease in getting a meal at a high-end restaurant.

Spitzer is at it again - he just sued mutual fund house J&W Seligman. The thought of him as governor of New York just bothers me.

Craig Newmark at Newmark's Door links to this excellent list of logical fallacies.
Time for another cuppa Joe and then off to class. I actually do one of my favorite topics today: active vs. passive management, fund fees and index funds.

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