Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Link Dump

It's another new week at Unknown University, and I have a quiz to give my class in about an hour. So, without further ado, here's the latest link dump: speculates on whether the recent Amaranth failure will affect institutional demand for hedge funds.

Saturday's Wall Street Journal (online subscription required) reports on a possible trend towards less levered LBOs (maybe Equity Private can come up with a new name for these transactions). discusses an article by Venkataram and Besseembinder in the Journal of Financial Economics. It shows that the increased transparency in the bond markets resulting from the implementation of the Trace system has cost bond traders about $1 billion in profits over the last year.

Calculated Risk points to a very interesting BusinessWeek article on mortgage buybacks titled Bad Blood Over Bad Loans.

The always interesting Greg Mankiw illustrates the concept of "framing" with an article from the Wall Street Journal. As always, read his comments section, too. discusses the increased in the recent number of stock buybacks, along with some good discussion of the implications for investors.

Finally, today's Wall Street Journal reports on some of the costs associated with starting (and maintaining) an algorithmic trading system.
Ah well, enough bloggery for now. My Bloglines account is now empty, and the large coffee I had before coming to the office just hit my third brain cell.

So it must be time to get to work.

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