Wednesday, September 6, 2006

How NOT to Study For The CFA

The season is starting for CFA prep courses - Level 1 is in December. Since I'll be teaching in the CFA program this fall (and Spring), I thought this little piece was pretty funny. Think of it as the payback for not getting ahead on things like studying:
...And then the next question- do I use the %-of-completion method or the installment sales method? How could I possibly know that? I stand up quickly and knock my Redbull all over my Book 3 Study Notes. I start to cry. I can’t stop. That’s the book with all the FSA stuff in it. I’ve wasted the past 3 months of my life studying and not retaining anything and now I have spilled redbull all over my FSA Study Notes. My roommate found me 3 hours later passed out drunk, shredded pieces of Book 3 and my practice exam lying all around me.**”
Read the whole thing here.

And stock up on the Red Bull just in case...

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