Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Couple of Quick Money Saving Tips

Today seems to be "clean out my saved pieces" day, where I either link to stuff I've saved or delete it. Here's one worth linking to

Sound Money Tips recently put up a couple of good money savings tips:
---When you purchase a Dunkin Donuts beverage until Sept. 2, you can receive a coupon for $10 off a $20 in-store purchase at Office Depot. That's a great deal. While this promo is really for parents to get their child's school supplies, anyone can use the coupon in a Office Depot store. NOTE: this is not announced anywhere on the DD website, and may be just a regional promotion.

---Are you a member of AAA? If so, you might qualify for savings at a lot of places you didn't even know about. According to AAA, members saved over $513 million on items such as computers, prescription drugs, shoes, and theme park tickets in 2005. With AAA's Show Your Card & SaveƂ® program "members can save on products and services when they show their card at thousands of locations across the country and throughout the world."
The unknown Wife and I just saved some money on new shoes for the Kids at Payless, so checking out AAA's website was worth our while (we're already members).

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