Friday, August 11, 2006

16 Long (and Good) Years Ago

The Unknown Wife and I got married 16 years ago today. I t's been a pretty wild ride all told - the years have brought us two kids, 5 moves, 5 moves across state lines, six years in a doctoral program, and a life theatening illness with the Unknown Son. And after all that, we ended up a mere 70 miles or so from where we started.

It's pretty cool finally living near family. We had planned to drive 70 miles to the Unknown In-Laws' house to drop off the kids, take in dinner and a movie, and drive back.

However, Unknown Sister-In-Law came down with her two kids yesterday and they stayed the night. As often happens when any two women of their family get together, things ran way later than expected (they were sightseeing). In addition, we found out the neighborhood is having another movie night for the kids.

So, we decided to celebrate tomorrow.

Instead, tonight we get some free time (and leftovers) while the neighbors deal with our kids.

Hey - we'll take it.

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