Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The First Showings of Our House (woo hoo!)

Our house hit the multiple listing service late yesterday. Today we had the realtor's photographer come and take some pictures (both regular and the "virtual tour" variety). This afternoon, we had our first two showings to potential buyers - both were generated by realtors from our agent's office, so they're definitely working it.

Of course, we're trying not to get our hopes up too much, since it can take some time to sell a house (even when it's priced correctly). Nevertheless, it's nice to see some traffic this early. And since we worked so hard to get the house ready for the pictures, it looks GOOD!

A house will typically get a good number of showings in the period shortly after it lists (that is, if it's been priced correctly). This happens because most realtors have an "inventory" of potential buyers. When they (the realtors) get a new potential buyer, they show them all the houses that meet their criteria. If a purchase doesn't take place, they wait until new houses appear (like ours). So, when a new house shows up, the realtors scramble to show it to all the clients in their inventories.

Once they've worked through their inventories, the new showings occur only when a new potential buyer shows up. So, we're looking forward to some activity in the next week or so (particularly this weekend).

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