Sunday, February 12, 2006

Winter Wonderland?

Yes, we were pretty much in the middle of the big snowstorm that hit the East Coast (got about 18-20 inches). Days like today make me realize that I'm not as young as I used to be. I also understand that a back is a terribke thing to waste. Simple solution: I paid the lads next-door $10 to do my driveway. They were excited about having some pcoket change, and I got to keep my back muscles in one piece. So, everyone was happy. The Unknown Wife called me a wimp, but I didn't see her offering to wield the shovel, so I made the call. Hey - at least I made breakfast today, and suffered through 2 hours of "Disney Princesses On Ice" last night for the sake of the kids.

Afterwards, the Unknown Daughter got a big kick out of making a snow fort with her brother, and the Unknown Wife felt bad enough about the "Wimp" comment that she made us both tea.

Since I didn't strain my back shoveling, I later amused the kids by throwing them into the air so that they'd land on their back in a snowdrift - we had 3 feet in some places.

Time for more tea. While the snow's not fun to shovel, it does look good from the window...

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